Paper accepted to OOPSLA’15

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Our paper called “EXPLORER : Query- and Demand-Driven Exploration of Interprocedural Control Flow Properties” has been accepted to OOPSLA’15 !
Here is the abstract of the paper:

This paper describes a general framework—and its implementation
in a tool called EXPLORER–for statically answering
a class of interprocedural control flow queries about
Java programs. EXPLORER allows users to formulate queries
about feasible callstack configurations using regular expressions,
and it employs a precise, demand-driven algorithm for
answering such queries. Specifically, EXPLORER constructs
an automaton A that is iteratively refined until either the language
accepted by A is empty (meaning that the query has
been refuted) or until no further refinement is possible based
on a precise, context-sensitive abstraction of the program.
We evaluate EXPLORER by applying it to three different program
analysis tasks, namely, (1) analysis of the observer design
pattern in Java, (2) identification of a class of performance
bugs, and (3) analysis of inter-component communication
in Android applications. Our evaluation shows that
EXPLORER is both efficient and precise.

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