Fall 2017

Sep 18: Jiayi, SlowFuzz and genetic programming
Sep 25: Yuepeng, Verifying Equivalence of DB-driven applications
Oct 02: Xin Lv, internship overview
Oct 09: Jia Chen, CCS practice talk (Precise Detection of Side-Channel Vulnerabilities using Quantitative Cartesian Hoare Logic)
Oct 16: Xinyu, OOPSLA practice talk (Synthesis of Data Completion Scripts using Finite Tree Automata)
Oct 23: Jia Chen, ASE practice talk (Static Detection of Asymptotic Side Channel Vulnerabilities in Web Applications)
Oct 30: Jo Bridgwater, Synthesizing Memory Models from Framework Sketches and Litmus Tests
Nov 06: Greg Anderson, TBD
Nov 13: No meeting
Nov 20: Navid Yaghmazadeh, Automated Migration of Hierarchical Data to Relational Tables Using PBE
Nov 27: Brainstorm Session
Dec 04: Kostas Ferles, TBD