Paper accepted at OOPSLA’19!

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Jia and Jiayi’s paper “Relational Verification using Reinforcement Learning was accepted at OOPLSA’19. Abstract is below:   Relational verification aims to prove properties that relate a pair of programs or two different runs of the same program. While relational properties … Read More

Two papers accepted at PLDI’19!

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Our group just got two papers (conditionally) accepted at PLDI’19. One of the papers, co-authored by Greg and Shankara, describes a new technique for verifying robustness of deep neural networks. The other paper, co-authored by Yuepeng, James, and Rushi, presents a synthesis … Read More

Two papers accepted to OOPSLA!

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Two UToPiA papers will appear at OOPSLA this year! One of the papers is on “Relational Program Synthesis” and is co-authored by Yuepeng, Xinyu, and Isil. The other paper called “Verified Three Way Merge” is co-authored by Isil and two … Read More

Two papers accepted to OOPSLA’17!

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Congratulations to Xinyu, Navid, and Yuepeng for having their papers accepted to OOPSLA’17! The two papers are “SQLizer: Query Synthesis from Natural Language” (Navid & Yuepeng’s paper) and “Synthesis of Data Completion Scripts using Finite Tree Automata” (Xinyu’s paper).

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